Since the finish at CairnGorm is 60 miles North of the start at Pitlochry we are offering all riders & their bicycles two coach / truck transfer options.

1. Coach transfer from Aviemore to Pitlochry for the start.


2. Coach transfer from the finish at CairnGorm MTN to Pitlochry .

We will supply all riders using our coach transfers with refreshments and some grub for their journey.


Morning check in and bike loading at Aviemore.

Here is how this logistical nightmare will hopefully work.

Aviemore – Pitlochry for start

Coach pick is from the central car park of the MacDonald Highland Resort PH22 1PN.

Please park in the central car park, however as a courtesy to hotel residents and guests please park away from the main entrance.

6am Check in & registration

6.15am Depart for Pitlochry – If you are late we will leave without you.

7.45am Arrive Pitlochry High School

In each rider’s registration pack will be some cable ties and two event numbers  – 1 for bicycle, 1 for rider. Before your bicycle is loaded onto one of the numbered trucks you must secure your number to the front of your bicycle with the supplied cable ties. All riders must remove their pedals before loading onto the truck. Keep note of your truck number.

On arrival in Pitlochry search out your truck, then our security team will match up your bicycle number with your bib number. After all of that you will ride off all happy and full of excitement.

CairnGorm Mountain Car Park – Pitlochry after finish

Coaches and trucks will depart from the bottom of Coire Cas car park.

The first coach will not depart until 14:00 at the earliest. The others will depart at regular 20 – 30 minute intervals, or as they fill up. The last coach will depart at 18.30.

Riders will only get their bicycle if their bib number and bicycle number match up.

2014-08-30 08.19.51

The 3 Pistes Cycle team are keen cyclists or triathletes – or better still, married to keen cyclists who tell fibs about how much their new carbon wheels cost. We know how much care you want us take of your machine. We will do our utmost to take all reasonable care of your bicycle whilst in transit, however we cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage in transit.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not leave your new Garmin or your pump or anything breakable / portable attached to your bicycle whilst in transit.

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