3 Day weather – Windchill MINUS THREE

Here are the Met Office 3 day weather forecasts for the 3 ski areas. As you can see below, the windchill for Glenshee is minus three on Sunday morning. The snow is now predicted to fall on Saturday above 700m… that’s just above road level !!!

Don’t be a hero. Prepare for cold and wet weather. If you do get caught in the wet, make use of the ski centre facilities to keep warm, dry off and take hot drinks.

Let’s be honest, we never expected a weather forecast like this for the start of June. We still don’t. Yes it will be cold, yes it will be wet… but will it be sleat or snow or rain???

We are putting a snow contingency plan together, with extra warm dry places as muster points. We will post full details on here and at Saturday registration.

Under Police advice, a recent sportive on these roads was rerouted to lower ground. This weekend’s forecast is not as bad as then, and our options for rerouting are limited. Dance to whatever sun god you worship.




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