Ride 3 Pistes for free next year

Stirling Cycle Repairs have written a lovely ride report on their news page.


The Lecht was up next and was by far the hardest climb on the day. 20% gradients in places. I also wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it because on the first part of the climb which seemed to go on for ever I met Liam Thomson, who is the cyclist who wrote the entertaining review of the route on the build up to the event. What a nice fella he is, but Liam, if you are reading this, no there is not a feed station at the top of that section! Having realised I was going to wait a little longer for food than I had set my heart on, I plodded on with the climb.

Erm… I think your blood sugar level might have been way too low or you were way too fast. We did have a feed station at the top of the Lecht. It’s just that the first dozen or so riders sped past it without noticing so the team moved it closer to the summit. Sorry you missed the grub.


Anyway, we loved reading your ride report and we want to read more reports.

The best 3 ride reports posted onto our FaceBook page before the end of June will each receive a pair of free entries with coach transfer to 3 Pistes Sportive 2015.

3 Pistes Cycle Jerseys

We have enough interest to set up another order for 3 Pistes Cycle Jerseys. As with the original order you will order and pay direct for your tops via Champs Sys. 3 Pistes makes no money from the production / sale of these tops.

All the orders will then get delivered to the 3 Pistes team.

What we want you to do is send us a stamped addressed envelope and once we get the jerseys delivered we will forward them to you.

Watch this space for ordering details.


One comment

  1. andymadill · June 25, 2014

    I’ve done a report but managed to copy and paste into the wrong post. Apologies

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