Provisional times

First of all… THANK YOU.

Thank you for being so enthusiastic and taking up the 3 Pistes challenge. Thank you for being patient at registration this morning. Thank you for taking your pedals off at Aviemore for the van transfer. Thank you for being jolly and enthusiastic. Thank you for thanking all the volunteers and making them feel part of your pain / suffering / elation. Thank you for not riding like numpties. Thank you for giving our ambulance crews and mechanics a very quiet day. Thank you for not dying. Thank you for the sunshine and the tailwind. Thank you for not complaining too much about standing in the rain awaiting the final vans and coaches.

Thank you for the FaceBook thread the Tour of Lauder chaps created on Thursday featuring a list of stupid questions they would each email me. TWUNTS! 😉

Erm… Thank you for leaving me a surplus of 800 bananas, 1000 gels, 400 water bottles and enough powder to fuel a South American drug habit. Any ideas whereabouts in Glasgow I can donate 800 bananas?

Anyway enough of the platitudes. All you care about is your time (and how you did compared to everyone else your age – although we are not allowed to list an order so good job I’m not very excel savvy.)

So here you go.  3 pistes finish PROVISIONAL

There are 1 or 2 oddities that are being iron out. If you see a glaring error that we should be aware of then please let us know via the contact form.

The Northern Irish are coming round the mountain when they come.

The Northern Irish are coming round the mountain when they come.

For the past few months I’ve hardly seen my wife, 4year old daughter or 10 month old son, in fact today I missed my daughter’s first dancing show. Don’t know if they will allow me to organise this again next year. It’s been hard work… but your smiles and thank yous have made it the most rewarding thing I have done  professionally.  Thank you.

Most important thank you goes to all the team who helped me this weekend and in the run up. Particularly…

Mark Robbie, Nick Vaughan, Fiona Harrington, David Wilson, Elton Hall, Chris Henry, James Kinsella, Alastair Anderson, Graham Mackie, Allan Duke, Stacy, Gordon Brunton, Scott Agnew, Bob Newton, British Red Cross, Mike’s Bikes, Escape Route, Dan @ Banchory Cycles, Ian @ Carrbridge MTB, Stuart @ Scottish Cycling Events team, Glenshee Ski Centre, The Lecht Ski Centre, Nethy Bridge Hotel & CairnGorm Mountain and the wonderful Stuart the Jannie at Pitlochry High School who refused to accept the bottle of Glen Grant whisky we wanted to give hi for his help because Perth and Kinross Council would treat it as a bribe!!!

Hope I have not missed anyone or anything. Slainte.


  1. masjathehusky · June 2, 2014

    Can you donate the bananas to a wildlife place? Not sure on any in Glasgow but maybe one of the small petting zoos or something?

    • 3pistescycle · June 2, 2014

      Good idea. So far Glasgow City Mission and Waterside Mission have taken 4 boxes each… 2 half boxes will get given to an animal place tomorrow.

  2. Henry · June 2, 2014

    Hi will there be a link for the photography on the event? – Having made an effort to look competent for a few seconds, it would be nice to capture that rare moment! – Apologies if I already missed that link.

  3. Emma Whitelock · June 2, 2014

    Awesome day. I went back up the last hill for a leg stretcher today 🙂 I filled my age in wrong sorry. So anyone comparing ages number 285 (me) is female over 40. Thanks again for a great day.

  4. Henry · June 2, 2014

    D’oh it’s on my bike number card:

  5. Egasa · June 2, 2014

    What a belting event and so well organised. Now, no more bellyaching about not organising next year’s event. This is now a must do event. Get me signed up.
    Fantastic effort, chaps. You should be very proud.

  6. Nick Wright · June 3, 2014

    Absolutely brilliant ride – the route, the weather and most importantly your superb organisation. It made it possible for all of us.
    We should be thanking you! So thanks for the imagination and hard work that made it so good.

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