36hr Mountain Weather Forecast

Skier Henry Orr is one of WinterHighland’s snow predition and weather geeks. He’s also riding Sunday’s 3 Pistes Cycle and last week he got Strava KOM for the Bridge of Brown descent. Not bad… but he better watch out because the chap he kicked off the podium and into 4th (Nick Vaughan) is looking after rider registration, so Henry better be nice to him.

Anyhoo, here is Henry’s weather predictions for Sunday


3-Piste Weather Outlook – 2 days to go, uncertainty about the chance of showers.

A fine Saturday will likely break down into duller weather on Sunday, but will the patchy showers catch you?

Light/Moderate wind generally 5-15mph on the roads, from variable southerly direction, and chance of showers increasing during afternoon along the 3-Piste route. Temperature will vary along the route, generally 12-15C during day, a couple of degrees cooler over Glenshee & Lecht roads

henry weather 3 pistes cycle

Pitlochry:Probably a bright & dry start to the day. Wind light from south/west.

Deeside:Chance of cloud, light tailwind likely on the A93 as far as Gairnshiel.

Speyside:Cloud and moderate wind increasing during afternoon. (Crosswind mostly)

Cairngorm:Risk of showers increasing from west during afternoon.Moderate SW wind increasing late afternoon.

Overall, it’s a Goldilocks kind of day… not too hot, not too cold. Just watch out for patchy showers, especially later in the day.

3-Piste Weather Outlook – 2 days to go


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