START and FINISH set up & procedures.



Here’s a few brief reminders about Registration, Start, Finish and Bag Drop Vans.


Registration is at Pitlochry High School. East Moulin Rd PH16 5ET

Saturday 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 8am – 9am

Please bring valid photo ID. You must register in person.

At registration you will receive your:

Emergency & Mechanic contact details

bike number – attach to handlebars by provided cable ties.

ride number with detachable bag drop label- attach number to back of jersey with provided safety pins. Attach bag label with provided cable ties.

timing chip – stick it to LEFT SIDE of helmet.

If you have ordered a cycle jersey this can be collected at registration or leave it and pick it up at the finish.

You will not receive a goody bag or any silly promotional bumph. We’re keeping things simple.

On Sunday there will be NO PARKING at the school or on East Moulin Rd. Please cycle up the hill from town centre car parks.

Ensure your Bag Drop label is securely fastened and matched your ride number. At the other end no number – no bag.


If you are getting the transfer coach back to Pitlochry you can put a dust sheet or similar alongside your bag.


For those getting the Aviemore transfer bus to the start, registration will take place as you board the coach at 5.45am. See above for rego details.

Coaches and vans depart from the lower car park of MacDonald Hotel, Aviemore, PH22 1PN

As a courtesy to other hotel and shop users please park at the lower end of the car park.

Before your bike can be loaded  YOU must remove your pedals. Best to do this the night before.

Before you load your bike  YOU must attach your bike number. At the other end no number – no bike!

Please be patient with our team at this stage. We want your bikes packed safely, securely and without scratches. If you have an old dust sheet or similar please bring it.

When you get on the bus we will give you some yummy porridge then let you have a snooze.

As with all riders you can leave your bag in the bag drop van.


At CairnGorm please proceed up the left hand lane of the car park toward the Funicular Station and then bear right to the finish gantry in front of the Day Lodge.

Please take care. The road surface has some huge pot holes and lots of stone chips. We will sweep the road for you but it will still be the worst surface of the day.

At the finish grab a bottle of water and a meal token. This entitles you to a big bowl of pasta bake.

Bag Collection Vans will be beside the finish.

Transfer coaches and vans will be waiting for you in the lower car park. If the upper car park is not too busy they will make there way there for departure.

All riders who finish before 4pm can get a FREE trip to the top in the funicular.

CairnGorm Mountain are offering a 20% discount to friends of cyclists on adult and junior funicular tickets on the day.





Covering the route we will have 3 Red Cross Ambulances plus static first aiders at Glenshee, The Lecht, Nethy Bridge and CairnGorm.

Also 3 mobile mechanics and static mechanics at Pitlochry, Glenshee, The Lecht, Nethy Bridge and Coylumbridge (200m to the right at Coylumbridge T-junction).

Please visit Mike’s Bikes in Aviemore or Coylumbridge and Escape Route in Pitlochry for any last minute service issues.



Sunday is not a race. No-one is likely to get a Strava KOM. So please don’t ride like a d1ck, chill out and enjoy your day.

According to the start list no-one is mountains breakaway specialist Thomas De Gendt. Take the first couple of climbs easy and save yourself for the Lecht, Br of Brown and Cairngorm.

Finest breakaway win in years. TDG topping Passo Stelvio.

At many a previous sportive I have over cooked it going up the first few climbs to be overtaken on the last few. Not clever.

Please dress according to the changeable weather conditions. Carry tools, spare tubes and a pump and know how to use them. Carry food and water. Check out British Cycling’s excellent Sportive Tips section.

Please take extra care with the following sections of road!

All of A924 & B950 – yes it’s an A road, but it also is one with passing places. This is where you will be all bunched up together. Even though it is 7am Sunday there is bound to be some impatient drivers. Be courteous and cycle to the left – in single file if possible.

All of B976 – in particular the right hand bend half way down descent.

The B976 is a single track road with passing places. After the long descent from Glenshee you will be back bunched together so please be courteous to other road users.

The chicane on the decent is off camber. It has also just had some resurfacing work and is frequently wet. Oh and it’s a 15% section.

Descent of A939 into Strathdon another steep section with a right left chicane half way down

The Lecht Climb Hairpins Yes it’s 20% and 24% in the corner, but remember it’s a public road with other road users. Please stay to the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road. If walking please dismount to the left.

Descent to Well of The Lecht what goes up must come down – NO FASTER THAN NATIONAL SPEED LIMIT!!! Yes it’s 20% but there is a sweeping blind corner. Get on you brakes early and give yourself  plenty of distance to the rider ahead.

Descent to  Bridge of Brown off camber double S bends at 20%… need we say more?

CairnGorm Climb – Tourist traffic, 600 knackered cyclists, service buses, transfer coaches, vans, cars of friends and families. This will be the busiest part of the ride and you will be eyeballs out. Take care.

Finally, thanks for supporting the 3 Pistes Cycle. Fingers crossed the weather forecast improves.  If you have any non stupid or pointless questions 😉 please feel free to ask.

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable ride. The weather looks very changeable so layer up accordingly!!!

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