A mountain of pasta and porridge.

The chefs at Cairngorm will be busy busy busy over the next few days for they have a mountain of pasta to prepare for you.

On arrival at the finish very rider will get a big bowl yummy of pasta bake.

At the start of the day every rider getting the coach to the start will have a lovely bowl of Fuel Your 10K Porridge for the bus journey.



Along the way we’ve got bananas, cereal bars, gels, powder, soreen, cinnamon cakes, cereal bars, chocolate brownies, pretzels, maryland cookies, cereal bars, jelly beans, did I mention cereal bars and a few other things.

2014-05-27 20.33.05

Final Costco run is tomorrow. Any requests?


  1. James · May 29, 2014

    I guess the ice bath and massage at the end is still out the question. Hahaha

    • 3pistescycle · May 29, 2014

      Only if yoy send us a pointless or stupid email today. 😉

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