Defer 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive entry until 2015

Injured, lack the training, got family commitments or just too god damn lazy?

If you wish to defer your 2014 entry until 2015 please complete this form

In 2015 you will only be entitled to an “Entry Only” place. Will will have to pay an additional fee for a coach transfer.

*Please note: It is our intention to hold 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive again in 2015. However if the 2014 event is too much of a ball ach,e or we royally mess it up, we withhold the right not to do it again, meaning your deferral will be null and void and there will be no monetary substitute.

Deferral requests must be received NO LATER than Sunday 25th May 2014.

If you are deferring I don’t want to make you feel bad, but this is what Cairngorm looked like today.

2014-05-20 12.34.50

2014-05-20 13.31.18-4

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