Do not silence the Lambs

Did the route over the weekend on the way to and from working at Speyside Whisky Festival and Etape Loch Ness – superbly well organised event, puts my planning for 3 Pistes to shame.

We split the route in two days because we had meetings along the way… Glad I am not doing it in one day 😉

Tarmac is holding up well, with the notable exception of A924 & B976. The descent of B976 in particular should be taken with extreme care, particularly at the off camber right hander half way down. We will sign post and marshal it accordingly.

Another thing to be aware of is that we are right in the middle of Lambing season. The roads between A93 and Tomintoul had lots of sheep on or close to the road. In 4 weeks time the lambs will be larger and faster and more erratic, so keep your wits about you.

This is a sign on the road out of Pitlochry.


Only 4 weeks to go.

Excited? I am

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