Oi Strava… What about our Scottish climbs?


Where to start with this absolute pish of an e-bulletin from Strava?

LE Tour is heading to Yorkshire. With Strava you can win a trip to Rapha’s TDF cycling festival, if you are the fastest person up 6 iconic UK climbs before Sunday 1st June… The day you’ll all be conquering the 3 Pistes Cycle.

Not one of these climbs is Scottish. They even have the nerve to say that Box Hill… Frigging Box Hill is the UK’s most famous climb!

Yes I have had a whisky… But whomever wrote the copy for this newsletter needs a good kick up the bahoochie.

We know 3 pistes features 3 of the top ten climbs in the UK. but you Tell us, in your opinion where is the UK’s most famous climb? And which Scottish climbs would you say should be classed alongside Strava’s 6 as being iconic?

One comment

  1. Mark · April 19, 2014

    Bealach na ba nuff said

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