How will you compare to 3 Pistes Strava KOM of 4hrs 47mins

Hello 3 Pisters who are getting coach transfer back to Pitlochry,

As many of you will have guessed already the biggest logistical nightmare for the 3 Pistes team is the organisation of coach and van transfer from the Cairngorm finish back to Pitlochry.

There is a large cruise ship in Invergordon on Sunday 1st June. With almost 3,000 passengers it needs a lot of coaches.  To accommodate double usage of drivers and coaches the bus companies have asked us to be more specific with our timings and requirements.

So we can better understand the quality of riders doing the 3 Pistes Cycle and estimate how to distribute the coaches could you please complete this form

To give you a better idea of what you are up against, we’ve added up all the Strava KOM times for the route. It comes to 4hrs 47mins. So going full pelt we don’t expect anyone to finish under 5hrs 30mins.

When the 3 Pistes team did it we took just under 8 hrs with cake stops at Glenshee & The Lecht.

In an ideal world we would like to have the first bus leave Cairngorm at 2.30pm and expect most of you to be finishing between 3pm – 4.30pm

One final thing. The timing team have to transfer everything from the start at Pitlochry to Cairngorm. It will take until approx. 12.30 for them to complete the transfer and set up. So, if you want an official time please try not to finish before 1pm Wink

broom wagon

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