200 climbers and rising

Entries have been open for just over 40 hours. In that time almost 200 of you (actually 188) have entered the inaugural 3 Pistes Cycle. Thank you.

The lure of conquering 6 of the Scotland’s highest passes, including the UK’s 2 highest seems to have been irresistible. However compared with Simon Warren you are all lightweights. For his Greatest Climbs series of books he has ridden 200 of the UKs toughest climbs.

So in honour of him and his inspiration for creating such a demanding route, for the 200th entrant we’re giving away a copy of each of his books:

We’re even going to tweet him and see if he’ll sign them for you.


EDIT: he says yes. So entrant 200 you will be winning yourself a pair of signed Simon Warren books.

For the rest of you… On the coach transfer from Speyside to Pitlochry I expect to see you all reading his new book which comes out next May, about Tour De France climbs.

One comment

  1. 3pistescycle · December 3, 2013

    Congratulations to Peter Newton from Aberdeen who is the 200th entrant and wins the signed books.

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