Boris Bike vs Ventoux vs The 3 Pistes

Massive Kudos to Rob Holden for riding up Mont Ventoux on a Boris Bike. Even more respect for the way the entire round trip from London was done.

So far Rob has raised £5321 for MacMillan Cancer Support. To donate visit

If you have any crazy fundraising ideas about cycling the 3 Pistes on a Boris Bike, or dressed as a Rhinocerous, or something even sillier then please get in touch and we will give you free entry and help tell everyone how to donate.

If interested please email or tweet or Facebook us.


Truck blows over on Lecht in front of Frankie Boyle’s tour bus.

A few years back Scottish comedy hell raiser Frankie Boyle got Scottish Comedian of the Year winner Ro Campbell to drive his tour bus (big fancy camper van) from gig to gig. They very nearly never made it to the Inverness gig. Two lorries were blown over in front of them at The Lecht.

On police advice they turned around, headed back to Ballater and went up the A96 missing out on a planned stop over at a distillery or two.

Let’s hope it’s not too windy on Sunday 1st June… better getting practicing your echelon riding just in case.

Here’s a brief clip of the event. Excuse Ro’s fruity language.

3 Pistes in Scotland Outdoors Magazine


The 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive launches in Scotland next June and promises an epic ride. Billed as the UK’s highest cycle event, the 3 Pistes ride offers a stunning – and tough – route of 102 miles through some of Scotland’s most fabulous landscapes.

The cycle challenge, from Pitlochry in Perthshire to the outdoors Highlands town of Aviemore, takes in 2,000m of climbing over three of the UK’s four highest roads. The “3 Pistes” refers to the three ski resorts that cyclists will pass, Glenshee, The Lecht and CairnGorm, where the finish line will be.

While there will obviously be a lot of ascents to cycle, the rewards will be in the fabulous scenery – and the downhills.

Alan Anderson, the race organiser, says: “Yes, there will be hills and mountains and plenty of challenges, but there will also be some fantastic downhill sections and lots of flat roads as well.”

Alan, a whisky comedian and a member of Glasgow Triathlon Club, has long felt that the A to B Highlands route would prove iconic as a cycling sportive.

He said: “The route is amazing but for many cyclists doing this on their own is tricky because they need to get from the finish back to the start. This would involve sorting out transport.

“The new sportive will solve this because we are putting on buses and vans to take people from the finish line back to the start.”

There is the option of bus transport from Aviemore to Pitlochry for the start of the event or at the end. All cyclists who finish the 102 miles before 4pm can enjoy a free ride on the funicular at CairnGorm to reach the UK’s highest restaurant.


BC Website entry not working today

Sadly there is an issue with the British Cycling website entry system today (Sunday 8 December).

Hopefully this will be fixed first thing tomorrow.

Since many of you have been trying to take advantage of the last day for cheaper Early Bird entry we will extend it until next Sunday 17th December.

Thanks you and sorry.

You’re taking the piste…



There is confusion as to what entrants to the 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive are expected to do.

It is simple, you ride a bicycle 165km on a route that takes in 3 Scottish Ski centres.

Some keen people seem to have started their training , but by the looks of it they think they have to cycle with skis on their back and ski boots on their feet.


cycle and ski

It’s a tough enough course without adding all that extra weight. What next, someone will ride it dressed as a rhinoceros? Go on I dare you… Free entry to anyone willing to ride it dressed as a rhinoceros.


bike and snow board


Thanks to Mike_W from winter highland for the images.

200 climbers and rising

Entries have been open for just over 40 hours. In that time almost 200 of you (actually 188) have entered the inaugural 3 Pistes Cycle. Thank you.

The lure of conquering 6 of the Scotland’s highest passes, including the UK’s 2 highest seems to have been irresistible. However compared with Simon Warren you are all lightweights. For his Greatest Climbs series of books he has ridden 200 of the UKs toughest climbs.

So in honour of him and his inspiration for creating such a demanding route, for the 200th entrant we’re giving away a copy of each of his books:

We’re even going to tweet him and see if he’ll sign them for you.


EDIT: he says yes. So entrant 200 you will be winning yourself a pair of signed Simon Warren books.

For the rest of you… On the coach transfer from Speyside to Pitlochry I expect to see you all reading his new book which comes out next May, about Tour De France climbs.